Posted by: ajmithra21 | September 18, 2010

Panthera Tigris – The Big Cat..

Tigers are often seen as predators. But, how many of us know that it is also a protector?
Human race is the prime predator of these Big cats, but do we know that they are the Prime Protectors of our planet’s Bio-diversity?
Do we know that they play a key role in maintaining a healthy Eco-system?
If not for them we would have lost many endangered species.
Though they are the life line for forest habitats but sadly their lives are in line with extinction..
What are we going to do to stop this?

Who told you that Tigers are the only animals who do not have a predator?
If only Tigers could speak, they would surely say that the human race is their sole predator..
What a shame?
Protectors turning into predators?
Your children and grandchildren may not see Panthera Tigris – The Protector of forests, if we don’t stop grazing their habitats now..

We don’t need to protect Tigers, because, they not only know how to protect themselves but also our Eco-system.. All that we’ve got to do is just stop protecting its predators from trespassing its territories…

Lets stop pretending to be concerned and start moving in the right direction..Let us have some principle based policies instead of  politics based policies..
If Politicians don’t act now, they may loose foreign exchange through tourism
If Doctors don’t act now, they may not have medicinal vegetation..
If teachers don’t act now, they may have to show tiger as a legend..
If students don’t act now, they may have to look for tigers in a museum..
If Forests officials don’t act now, they may have to work over time (Remember a single tiger can protect 100sq km of forest. Can a well trained officer do the same? )
If Engineers don’t act now, they may not have natural resources..
If Police doesn’t act now, they may turn the forest inclined community into crime based community… After all, forest has been their livelihood..

Let the whole community act now or never..



  1. I wish more people were as passionate as you.
    Thanks for putting out this important message.

  2. Yes, you’re passion and compassion shows. You do the Lord’s work on earth, as we are to have dominion over the animals and that does not mean slaughter, and not just to use them for food, but to protect them also as we do our families. We have dominion over our children, and we treat them like gold, so the same should be held true for all the animals. Wonderful.

  3. Wonderful article. Yes indeed we need to do something (a lot of things !) to conserve nature (animals as well) as we are losing so many species of animals and plants every year. The world is poorer for it !

  4. very very true !!!!!!!!!!!!! it ll reach the minds of few 🙂 but every one will realise n regrett these !!! we ve to act now or else never !!!!!!!!!!amazing one 🙂 kudos!

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