Posted by: ajmithra21 | February 20, 2011

My future is your future…

Hey Man,
You’re so selfish…..
You know why i call you so?
You crush me to make paper,
In the name of knowledge, you print on them
And write exams on them to have a great future…

You always strive hard for your future,
But, did you ever think of our future,
when you just scribble a few lines
and throw those papers into dustbins?

Don’t ever waste paper,
If you still do,
You may loos your future….

Yours always,
(We don’t just give food and shadow,
we give a better future too)



  1. INSPIRING ARTICLE fro my BRO: In this way only we can feed these things in human minds..great work…PRAISE THE LORD..

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