Posted by: ajmithra21 | February 20, 2011

My last letter…

My Last Letter
Hello Human-beings,

With great pain, I, THE CROW, whom you call the scavenger, write this letter on behalf of the Avian community.

To build a home for you and your family, have you ever thought of how many birds are rendered homeless when you bring down a tree? Have you ever thought of why there are cyclones and flood? What you sow you reap, is what you teach your children…

Yes , true, hundreds of bird families are rendered homeless , when you cut down a single tree and that’s why nature ransacks thousands of families homeless, through natural calamities.. But, still you don’t seem to realize your blunder… Even though you erase forests in the name of building cities, we still survive the winter. You know why? That’s because we move along with nature and not against it.

You teach your younger generation to swim against the tide. That’s why you are facing chaos.. Walk with nature and you will learn how easy it is to survive..

You live together separately in one big house and stay indoors with blankets and brandy to keep you warm. Is it because you are lazy? But, we cuddle together all night in a single nest and fly far and wide to keep us warm to survive the winter…

Do you how many trees do you burn in the name of civilization and polluting the environment with your so-called technology. But, still we survive the winter, because we know to preserve what you pollute…

Before I end, I humbly request you all to let us live the way our forefathers live, else Mother nature will punish you..
Dreaming of a greener, cleaner earth,
THE CROW – the scavenger
(On behalf of avian friends)



  1. BRO; in a grand manner u r talking thru Crow to mankind…superb…

  2. ThE lAsT lEttER !! fAbOuLoUs oNe .. IF tHIs lEttER OnlY rEaChEs tHe mInDs oF AlL HoMo – sApIaNs !!!!

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