Posted by: ajmithra21 | May 20, 2011

Music , the language of birds…

The appreciation of language depends upon the usage of music in a particular language.. The more musical the language, the more pleasant it is.. A receptionist’s handling of language cannot make her a successful lecturer and a lecturer’s handling of language cannot make the lecturer become a successful receptionist. The proportion of music differs between a receptionist and a lecturer..

There are two ways of asking your friend not to come to your house.. One is, ” Don’t come to my house” and the other one is, “I’m sorry.. I’m busy right now.. Can we meet later?”.. They both can bring different reactions when handled by different people…

Try reading the following sentence by stressing different words each time..”I came to your house yesterday”.. They would sound different from being polite to being rude.. The proportion of tonal quality, which means that the proportion of music makes the difference… In short, music plays a vital role in the appreciation of language..Most people feel that, music precedes language..

But, when it comes to birds, they have music itself as their language..Be it poetry or music, If given a chance, i can prove through audio files that poets and musicians, without their knowledge have taken inspiration from the song patterns of different song birds and reproduced them in their works…

Hence i always feel that bird songs are not just songs, but it is the language of the survived used for their survival.. If male birds doesn’t know how to sing, they would surely end up staying a bachelor all through their lives.. Without a mate, there would be no reproduction and without reproduction the world would end up in chaos as birds are not just birds but act as major seed sowers, scavengers, pest controllers and above all they act as indicators of our environmental standard….When the bird population decreases, we should know that our environmental pollution has increased.. Hence, bird songs are not just songs, its the language which expresses our survival…



  1. Need of the hour AJ. I have worked with more that 1500 young professionals .. making appreciate the power of Language & Music and how they are inter connected.

    Most of the working professionals these days, particularly the software professions score high on logic and math skills, and they do badly on linguistic skills. Moreover this leaning to logical thinking and lack of language orientation means they dont possess analytical skills. they live in a black and white world and are unable to understand the grey shades. over a period of time this leads to stress and break down in realtionships.

    The solution to this is music. I remember a 5th std girl was brought to me few years ago and one day she refused to go to her mother. She wanted to be with me. And i found the lady was beating up the child for no reason. She was a single parent. Some questioning revealed that she was travelling long distance to work and she was being exploited. As a solution i recommended good classical music and told her to invest on an ipod.. She did that.

    After a month she called an told me how her life has changed,

    • True Ben.. People dont realise that from dawn to dusk, Homo Sapiens run for survival and every move is based on rhythm and the ones who fail to keep the tempo, fail in all their endeavours. Thank you Ben for stepping by..

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