Posted by: ajmithra21 | March 5, 2012

Amiable Amphibians…

Most of us do not know that frogs are our friends. If not for frogs, the insect kingdom hovering around our agricultural lands would have grazed down our food resources. Well, this disaster may soon happen , if we do not conserve our friendly frogs. Researchers say that, we may have to face a severe food shortage if the number of frogs dwindle. We  have lost lots of frog species so far, and the future looks bleak for many frog species. If we do not take serious and sincere steps, our future generation may not have a future with regards to frogs.. Here is a song sung by MCC Campus Matriculation School, Tambaram, Chennai on frog conservation which they sang on 19h February 2012 , the leap day at a frog conservation program conducted by the zoo out reach at the Aringar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai.. This is the school where i work as a music teacher.



  1. I have just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. See:

    I made a mistake and separated #6 into 2 #’s and left you out, sorry. You definitely deserve the award. You are very Versatile.

    • Thank you so much Sister Lee.. I didn’t even dream of being nominated… It means so much to me..You made me cry.. Thank you once again..

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