Posted by: ajmithra21 | September 5, 2012

Feathered Musicians or Feathered Sound Engineers?

Good singers are very particular not just about the concert hall and its acoustics
but, they also are extremely sensitive in choosing
a good audio system that can enhance the quality of their singing..
Professional singers can be very choosy about their concert
since, that doesn’t happen every other day,
and singing is their bread and butter..
Birds have to sing to survive.
If they don’t learn singing right from their chick days,
they may end up starving.
Since, mother birds feed those chicks that are vociferous..
Singing for survival doesn’t end there..
The male birds, in particular need to practice for hours
to sing complicated song patterns to impress upon its mate.
For, the female thinks that the male which sings the most complicated songs,
have more responsibility in taking care of the family…
If that is the case, the males really needs to hone its singing skills.
Every morning he chooses a particular place ,
where he thinks that his songs can travel far and wide
to impress upon an eligible mate…
He does not just go and sit anywhere and everywhere to sing..
He is so choosy about the place from where he delivers his concert..
He needs to have a good ear to choose the place.
Since the acoustic of the area should be able to take his song to another level..
Birds like Sunbirds, Oriental magpie robins and Koels
that sing on higher frequencies choose the highest perch on a tree…
Birds like Stone chat, Tree pie and Common Iora
that sing on slightly lower frequency choose the mid range of the trees..
And Birds like Mynahs, crows and babblers
that sing on the lower frequencies choose anywhere below the midrange….
So, when you hear a bird song, don’t just hear it,
try and learn about acoustic too..
The properties or qualities of a tree , shrub or a canopy
that determines how sound is transmitted in it

Have a great day…



  1. I should say that the content has the versatility of singing. It’s an art to earn the bread!

    • Thank you for your comment Vijay Bala.. Its not just earning bread… Its all about earning a mate and raising a family..

  2. Wonderful facts! Awesome job!

    • Thank you so much for taking time to comment.. Check this for another surprise

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